just like you 6 Replies

I'm a human just like youit doesn't matter if i'm short,poor,or skinnymy race,my skin don't give me nothing moreI breathe the same air as youAnd I also get sick sometimes like you doI'm a human just…Continue

Tags: nature, love, fraternity, humanity

Started by Marie Soffy Saint Fort in Sample Title. Last reply by ruby garcia Feb 1.

Agatha The Princess 1 Reply

 she was on the thronefar away from her homeuniting hearts to new fond heightscarrying herself with a song Agatha the princesswill lose their influencesoaring to new frontiersleft her to tears took…Continue

Tags: love

Started by Mario Vitale in Sample Title. Last reply by vicks morr Nov 13, 2018.


I'm simply one man mixed up with emotions having a relationship with God.Choosing to base my faith on what is unseen not to what is seen instead,each day there's a tender moment to pray leading the…Continue

Started by Mario Vitale in Sample Title Nov 10, 2018.

Intensacut Forskolinfor nine hours. When the participants restricted their calories through a diet, they increased their levels of…Continue

Started by hsivdfer jnrje in Sample Title Jul 12, 2018.



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