Can any one hear me? Does anyone even listen. Can you even see? The pain within me. Or do I not even want you to worry? About the suffering I am condemned with? Maybe I don't want you to go into a fit of furry, Or I just don't want your eyes to be blurry. Can you even hear me? Does anyone even listen. Can you even see me? Can you even see that I am not happy? I just do not know what to do anymore ,I just don't know what to say. I don't want to bother you anymore, I don't know what I'm meant for. I shut everyone out, Pretend its all okay. I don't want to pout,I don't know what life is about. Can you even hear me? Does anyone even listen. Can you even see me? Can you even see that I am not happy? You see me when I push away. You hear me when I scream. But do you ever see me any other day? When I am not sad or just having nothing to say? Do you see me when I try to see you, Or do you just not bother to notice. Until I cry out to you, Just so I can talk to you. You only bother to listen for that time, You only bother to listen to 'be there 'But do you really think it will make everything fine? Make your life and mine?Would you call it 'whining? 'If I told you I was dying, That I was talking to you crying  Only for that time. You would see. Only then would your ears be mine. Only then, would you try to find? A way to see. A way to hear. A way to be. To able to actually see me.

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I can so identify. Everyone is so "busy" with all their techno gadgets. No one bothers to listen - until some times it's too late.

sure there are people to listen go ahead

Very expressive, and relatable. In my eternal optimism I give you this Jennifer.

You know...

The more you know the less you have to know

You don't have to see to believe we are all parts of the piece of the whole.

Don't deny yourself the opportunity to be really whole.

Make a place.

Make a way.

Live today in the best way that you can.

Try and understand you are part of a bigger plan.

You don't have to know all the answers to be true to the soul inside of you.

We are the key to setting ourselves free!

All you need to be is just be you

All you have to do is just be you.

So to get right to it...

All you need to do is...

Look outside, Look inside.

See the possibilities and just be free.

The best you can be.

Know you can be free

STANZAS, excuse my all caps. Stanzas! I think this would be much better if you broke it into lines of poetry so that when its read we could prioritize the inflection of your statements. Though I respect a good rant, this needs to be broken down and if not into stanzas at least into separate lines so that we can digest it. 

I love it

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