Humble Brevity


We all long to recapture a bird long its feather

A wish to treasure a match of get together

Humble Brevity;

To escape through dreams along life's mistakes

Humble brevity a toss of its minute menagerie

We look through its timeless extremities;

Let us learn to take one day at a time

An intervention based solely on the wind

We each must pray just to make it today

We each must learn to turn the television off

Shattered fragments left out in desolation

Awake the new day sun we will run

The innocent are punished & the guilty go free

Nice to visit what it will say on my homily

Shaped to grow then to know all that agrees.

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I really liked it but I think you were a little to rhyme heavy and it hurt the rhythm of the piece. Also you may want to use stanzas to emphasis your points, the absence of text can give the reader an important split second to reflect on the context.

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