I'm a human just like you

it doesn't matter if i'm short,poor,or skinny

my race,my skin don't give me nothing more

I breathe the same air as you

And I also get sick sometimes like you do

I'm a human just like you

No matter your nationality,ancestors,and language too

If the world vanishes,i'll be a victim just like you

My veins got red blood like yours too

I was born,i'm living,then i'll die and you will too

I'm a human just like you

I'm mattered like you do

I deserve trust,love,education,and respect too

Freedom,equality,protection just like you

I have a voice,a mind,weakness,strength and you have them too

IF i'm a human just like you

why can't i walk fearless like you do

why can't i play with my son at the park i see ur children do

why can't i be treated better or as a human just like you

why can't i feel myself to act strange while i got emotions too

Instead of a human just like you

you look down at me and call me nigger

you mistreat me just for my skin color

you judge me on my style,my walk,my look

while you don't remember that people have an inside too

As a human just like you

Why do you have to make me feel black

instead of holding my hand so together as one we can follow the path

why do you try to reduce me into nothing

while my mind and yours together can invent new things

I'm a human just like you

i try to live without worries but i can't

Once i try to dance you tell me no you're not white

like just because God chose to wrap my body in a black flesh

make me private of every right

I'm a human just like you

I take shower,i get sweat

i feel hot,and if it rains without umbrella i'll get wet

I eat,then i run to the secret place

if I hit my toes,it will be hurt just like yours 

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Strange !

This is awesome ! It is an authentic TRUTH.....there are only two people in the entire WORLD......these are simply

a MAN and a WOMAN .  Keep it up !

Right say,Great lines.I am an writer.
best regards
steve smith
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