To Our Fathers!

The magnificent star-scape, looming heavenly o'er the Earth
Is the bright prodigious inheritance of our fathers’ greatest grandfathers;
Who long ago shattered the placid tranquility of nihility,
To confer unto us, for all eternity, a thriving ocean of light,
To ensure that we may never cease to wonder.

And too, the seas beneath the prodigious sky, are children,
The clouds, currents and winds, their fathers, who bequeathed unto them
The tears of the clouds, shed for the beauty of it all. 
Their father’s greatest grandfathers’ reflections forever linger 
atop the shifting puddle of the seas’ fathers’ tears.

Even the sand adorning the coasts and bottoms of the giant puddles are children.
The sand is a child of the earth. Each grain was once a mountain, but now,
Now they are constantly crushed beneath the waves; 
our fathers’ demonstrate the humbleness of the universe, which we must adopt.

The wisdom learned from the universe, that taught us,
Belongs to no single phenomena or entity alone;
For it was our fathers who bequeathed this beautiful, wise place to us.
It was our fathers that taught the birds to fly, and us, how to love and appreciate.

And so magnificent is the beauty.
To the beautiful wisdom we have all inherited!
To our fathers!
To our fathers!

-Matthew Harper

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