Until I Met You


It's true I never saw the light

All the words that were said never felt right,

Until I met you


My world was black and gray

My day was a lonely and boring day

Until I met you


Now I've seen the light and

every word sounds right!

My world is beautiful and my day is bright,

All because I found you


I love you and there's no going back

I never want to let go,

I searched forever

And found love never,


I don't know what else to say

but every night and every day you take my breath away

Thank you for you love and care

The love I found in you is so very rare!

@copyright 2013

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This poetic piece is " emotionally hot." It reflects the power of TRUE love,which is excessively great.

It can bring hope and happiness. NOT only that,It can even travel through oceans and deserts

and remove hills and mountains.With this power,not only a concerned individual can survive BUT

even a nation may survive too . I APPRECIATE this truth  !

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