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I see the world of things,

Not the world of humanity.

I see the polluted atmosphere,

That smells human blood,smoke and soot.

I hear war planes,rockets and tanks,

That bring architecture down to earth.

One fails to comprehend,

The real meaning of MAN and his position on earth.

Alas,one experiences the dark world,under the umbrella of deception and wanton killings.

With guided missiles and misguided MEN.

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GlobaI Environmental Crisis

The mere fact that we are living, does not reflect proper lives.One of the most important thing in our lives is breathing.

We live because we are still breathing.Reasonably,living is breathing.Here,the importance of breathing safe air is insisted.

Apart from air we breath,there exists the question of water we consume.Its safety is very important to our lives.We are living in a small world one village!...Let us combat global environmental as to make people …


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HOW COMES?...But,let us not perish.

Unbelievable fact!

In order to live,one should get life from another living thing.

That is, one should rob the life of another being.One should kill!

This is extremely awesome! Everyone who exists is a killer.

Look! We kill innocent animals for our food.Cows,goats,chicken,

camels,elephants and many others fall victims only because we

are superior and want to live.So, we have to rob this life from other

creatures.Otherwise, we ourselves…


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