An evening primrose glides, 
on my rough hands. 
I pluck a laugh from the lips, 
of a parched face. 
It knows the meaning of death, 
kissing the pink eyes. 
Of the lost fidelity 
and the innocence of the dying sun. 

How to tell myself, 
you are not coming. 
Gradually the house, 
will go back to its still air. 
The white ants, 
will draw a pattern 
on the stale books. 
The traffic of private tears, 
will begin to move. 

The truth is a happening, 
with all the little gods. 
I demand nothing, 
only pink rose buds, of early winter. 
There is no one to know, 
that weeping grass, 
keeps me touching, 
holding my toes.

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