He had tied the brown thread on the pole 
relieving the spirits from trees for the start 
of belly dance of death on sand dunes, 
whispering, gyrating to the tune of an 
invisible snake charmer. Salaam 
ambrosia, you had pledged to unhole 
the milk bath, black waves will crash on the 
windows, that I dream was true, god will 
have the nativity for mankind and planet 
earth will redeem peace. 

Let us first accept the defeat of eternity, 
and wounds will leap on, pouring upwardly, 
aimlessly to defy the diktat of gravity, 
contents you will know one day, watching 
the birds fly away to warm lakes, that needs 
a precision, geometry and courage 
to glide over the tallest peaks.

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Comment by Randhir kaur on October 25, 2016 at 2:03pm
Lovely it is Sir..


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