Mob hurts you 
when you were standing alone in a crowd. 
Bending like blade of grass 
you accepted the rocks. 
Your inner world broke down. 
Softly you became a river, 
flowing, meandering, 
sucking the barriers. 

The shivering relationship 
puts off the mask, 
a catastrophy or 
liquidation of a frame took place? 
With no regrets, life declares the fall of 
our incorruptible icon. 
The time and face 
changed the color. 
Farewell to truth was given! 

For the poverty, the dirt; 
the shriveled faces 
god repented. 
Dark lead the dark. 
Blasts of anger did not help. 
Few feet crossed the path of truth. 
Stormy winds erased 
the clusters of white roses.

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